David Hampe, P.E., Obtains Welding Inspector Certification

Geo-Hydro is pleased to announce that David Hampe, P.E., a Project Manager in Geo-Hydro’s Greensboro office, has earned the Certified Welding Inspector credential from the American Welding Society.

David Hampe, P.E., is a graduate of Southern Polytechnic University (Now Kennesaw State University) and his experience with Geo-Hydro specializes in construction materials testing and special inspection. The Certified Welding Inspector credential is the most recent addition to Hampe’s vast range of construction materials testing and construction inspection certifications.

The American Welding Society (AWS) is a nonprofit organization and the leading source for qualification and certification of welding professionals. The Certified Welding Inspector (CWI), which involves an in-depth knowledge and remarkable skill demonstration of welding inspection, is one of the most prestigious certifications the AWS offers. To earn this certification, one must meet a combination of education and work experience requirements and pass an extensive, three-part exam. The CWI credential is both nationally and internationally recognized.

David Hampe, P.E., is Geo-Hydro’s second Certified Welding Inspector. His dedication to obtaining this credential demonstrates Geo-Hydro’s commitment to providing top-quality service. Geo-Hydro is proud to have a team that continuously works to further its expertise and knowledge to help us better serve our clients.

Congratulations, David!