Geo-Hydro Continues to Advance in Materials Testing and Inspection Certifications

With innovations in construction materials and techniques, building codes and construction testing requirements continue to change and bring about new challenges. Geo-Hydro takes pride in continuously advancing our certifications in construction materials testing and special inspections throughout our 38 years of experience. Our commitment to keeping our existing certifications up-to-date and to obtaining new certifications has made Geo-Hydro a clear leader in construction materials testing and special inspections.

Across five offices in Georgia and North Carolina, Geo-Hydro’s construction materials testing and special inspections team consists of nearly 70 staff members. The team includes Professional Engineers (P.E.’s), staff engineers, and engineering technicians and aids. With each of those team members holding multiple certifications, Geo-Hydro has one of the most significant collections of certifications in the southeast.

In the last quarter alone, more than ten Geo-Hydro team members have obtained new certifications from multiple accrediting bodies at both the state and national levels. Some of these accrediting bodies include the International Code Council (ICC), the American Concrete Institute (ACI), and the Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT).

The International Code Council (ICC) establishes codes and standards used in the design, build, and compliance process of safe, resilient, and structurally sound buildings. Geo-Hydro holds many ICC accredited inspection certifications for various building materials and structural elements. Notably, Geo-Hydro has ten team members—eight in Georgia and two in North Carolina—who have obtained the Master of Special Inspection (MSI) certification. Three of those team members earned their MSI certifications this quarter. The MSI designation is one of the top tier certifications the ICC offers in the field of Special Inspection. Only 28 individuals in the state of Georgia hold the MSI certification, and Geo-Hydro employs eight of those individuals.

Geo-Hydro’s construction materials testing and special inspections team also leads in certifications from the American Concrete Institute (ACI). The ACI is a leading authority for the development and adoption of standards for concrete design, construction, and materials. Geo-Hydro holds multiple ACI certifications for various areas in both concrete laboratory and field testing. Five additional Geo-Hydro team members have obtained ACI certifications this quarter.

The Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT) oversees the development and maintenance of all state and federal roadways in Georgia. Geo-Hydro is one of the few firms to be a prequalified GDOT consultants for all components of soils, foundation, and materials testing due to our extensive GDOT certifications. With three individuals recently obtaining the GDOT Concrete Technician certification, 33 members of Geo-Hydro’s construction materials testing and special inspections team now hold this certification. Geo-Hydro also has team members who hold GDOT certifications for Quality Control Technician, Roadway Testing Technician, and Worksite Erosion Control Supervisor.

The American Institute of Architects predicts a 4% increase in construction spending for 2019. With that growth, building codes and construction materials requirements are bound to change. Geo-Hydro is committed to continue to progress and grow our certifications to remain at the forefront of construction materials testing and special inspections. No other firm is more committed to providing qualified personnel than Geo-Hydro, and while our knowledge and practices may evolve, that commitment remains constant.