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In today’s fast-paced world of environmental consulting, geotechnical engineering and construction testing, problems are rarely abstract. They’re real. And they affect real people whose jobs and lives are on the line.

Geo-Hydro understands real-world problems. We’ve made them our business since 1980, using one simple formula for success — gather the right people, employ the latest technology, and work hand-in-hand with owners, developers, design professionals, lenders and contractors throughout the industry.

Geo-Hydro solves today's problems and prevents tomorrow's headaches. We use state-of-the-art technology and innovative engineering to improve safety and reliability, enhance quality control, and preserve your company's hard-earned reputation. We're your specialists for geotechnical, environmental, and construction materials problems.

Every client at Geo-Hydro is assigned a project manager who is your dedicated point of contact.

Our project managers are accomplished materials engineers, geotechnical engineers, and environmental professionals who use common sense and technical savvy to help achieve your goals. We take in the big picture as well as the smallest details. And, we develop investigative approaches that are both practical and economical.

We make ourselves available to you when you need us most and respond quickly to your requests. You can contact your project manager at any time via phone or e-mail. And as always, our principals are actively involved in ongoing projects.

We work hard to open as many lines of communication as possible for your convenience. Early answers can prevent big problems later.

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Geo-Hydro can help you assess the importance of various factors involved in a site, and focus on problems that can affect you today and down the road. All our environmental staff is trained by the American Society for Testing Materials to conduct Phase I assessments.



Our Industrial Hygiene (IH) department is dedicated to providing services that help protect workers and the community, such as inspections and assessments for hazards such as asbestos, lead and other heavy metals, mold, noise, and many others.


The Leaning Tower of Pisa is a well-known historical structure and tourist attraction. If your building leans or settles excessively, chances are it will be well-known, but it won’t be much of a tourist attraction.

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Geo-Hydro has extensive materials testing capabilities to ensure that you get exactly what you pay for. Our field technicians are fully equipped in company trucks to respond quickly to your testing needs.

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