We Will Rock You!

We Have Mud on Our Face Because the Jobsite is Our Workplace.

Geo-Hydro prides ourselves on our four year running award winning client service. We are available to you when you need us and we respond quickly when you call. Our team solves today’s problems to prevent tomorrow’s headaches and to ultimately keep your projects on schedule and on track for delivery. Let us rock you and show you what real customer service feels like.

Construction Testing and Inspection
• Special Inspections
• Soil
• Concrete
• Asphalt
• Steel
• Roofing materials
• Building Envelope

Environmental Services
• Phase I environmental site assessments
• Phase II environmental testing
• Asbestos inspection
• Asbestos abatement design and monitoring
• Underground storage tank consulting and testing
• Wetlands delineation
• RCRA facility investigations
• Contamination assessments
• Environmental auditing
• Indoor air quality consulting

Geotechnical Engineering:
• Soil test borings
• Seismic refraction surveys
• Hand auger borings
• Dilatometer
• Cone penetrometer
• Groundwater seepage evaluations
• Electrical resistivity
• Rock coring
• Ground penetrating radar
• Pressuremeter Testing
• Test pits
• Slope stability analysis
• Pile foundation analysis

Forensic Engineering
• Settlement Evaluations
• Pavement Reconstruction
• Failure Analysis
• Leak Investigations