Shelton Station

Shelton Station

Carrborro, North Carolina–2015 to 2019

Services: Construction Materials Testing, Special Inspections
Clients: Landmark Builders, Inc.; Legacy Real Property Group, LLC


Project Detail

Geo-Hydro provided construction materials testing and Special Inspections services for the construction of a mixed-use development in Carrboro, North Carolina.  The project included the construction of a two-story, 22,716 square-foot commercial building and four-story, 110,536 square-foot apartment building. The commercial building’s construction consists of structural steel framing and a structural concrete elevated slab supported on shallow spread foundations with a slab-on-grade at the first floor.  The apartment building has below-grade parking on the eastern half of the building with concrete slab-on-grade pavement, shallow spread foundations, and a cast-in-place concrete foundation wall at the garage level. A pre-stressed elevated structural slab over the parking garage area supports the four residential stories consisting of structural wood framing.