Geo-Hydro Welcomes New Materials Testing Project Manager

Geo-Hydro is excited to welcome our newest Project Manager, Kyle Ebenstein. Kyle joined our Athens office in December, and she brings nearly seven years of experience to our construction materials testing team.

As a science lover and Michigan native, Kyle earned a degree in civil engineering at the University of Michigan. Shortly after graduating, she began her work in construction materials testing as a laboratory and field technician. Kyle then moved into a project management position in which she provided materials testing support for Quality Control and Quality Assurance on transportation projects. Her experience in her previous roles focused on concrete placement, asphalt placement, and soils testing.

As Kyle continues her growth at Geo-Hydro, she looks forward to strengthening her field knowledge and skills. With much of her prior experience concentrating on  horizontal construction projects, she is eager to learn more about the materials testing procedures and components associated with vertical construction.

“Although I’ve only been with Geo-Hydro for a little over a month, it’s evident Geo-Hydro is geared towards helping everyone learn and advance,” Kyle says. “I’m grateful to be a part of that and to have the opportunities to continue building my foundation of knowledge.”

Welcome to Geo-Hydro, Kyle!