Soil-Cement – Laboratory Testing and Field Testing

Geo-Hydro provides soil-cement laboratory mix designs and soil-cement field testing for numerous projects in the southeastern United States. Soil-cement is a mixture of pulverized soil, Portland cement, and water. The pulverized soil may also contain aggregate and pulverized asphalt. We obtain samples of the onsite materials and prepare laboratory samples with various percentages of Portland cement to determine the optimum Portland cement application rate. Geo-Hydro is then present in the field during cement application, water application, mixing, and compacting to document that construction is performed in general accordance with guidelines from the Portland Cement Association.

Measure calculated amount of Portland cement

Thoroughly mix Portland cement with measured amount of soil

Add water as needed

Compact the mixture in a mold

Place compacted sample in watertight bag

Place sample in temperature controlled humidity room for curing

Put sulfur caps on both ends prior to testing for compressive strength

Perform laboratory compressive strength testing

Spread Portland cement at rate determined through laboratory testing

Add water as needed

Thoroughly mix the materials to the specified depth

Shape and compact the mixture to specified density