New EPD Storm Water Requirements for Construction Projects in Georgia

The NPDES General Permit in effect at the start of most construction projects currently in progress in the state of Georgia expired on July 31, 2013.  The Georgia Environmental Protection Division (GA EPD) granted automatic extensions for ongoing projects until the new permits could be released.  The GA EPD issued the new NPDES permits on September 24, 2013.

Geo-Hydro attended one of the recent public information sessions presented by the GA EPD.  Based on our review of the new storm water permits and the information presented by the GA EPD:

  • All existing construction sites in Georgia are required to submit a new 2013 Notice of Intent (2013 NOI) postmarked no later than December 24, 2013. 
  • Submittal of the 2013 NOI is required even if the project will be completed prior to December 24, 2013. 
  • Provided the applicable fees were paid when the original NOI was submitted, there are no additional fees for submitting the required 2013 NOI no later than December 24, 2013.
  • If the 2013 NOI is not submitted on or before December 24, 2013:
    • The project will be in violation of the Georgia Water Control Act for each day until the 2013 NOI is submitted, and
    • A new Erosion Sediment and Pollution Control Plan must be prepared and submitted in accordance with Part IV of the new permits, and
    • All applicable permit fees for a new project must be paid in accordance with Part II.D of the new permits.

Please contact Geo-Hydro if you have any questions about Georgia’s new NPDES permits, or if you need any information about our NPDES Compliance Services.  Geo-Hydro can help you achieve compliance with portions of Georgia’s NPDES General Permits.