Luis E. Babler, P.E.

Chief Geotechnical Engineer

26 Years Experience – 22 Years With Geo-Hydro

Experience Twenty-one years of progressive experience at Geo-Hydro Engineers, Inc.  Present duties include heading the geotechnical engineering efforts for Geo-Hydro, which include project management, engineering analysis and evaluation for geotechnical design projects, report preparation and internal peer review of engineering reports, and consultation on construction materials testing projects.  Technical areas and projects vary widely and include water and wastewater infrastructure projects, deep and shallow foundation design, pavement design and consultation, military industrial and support facilities, K-12 school developments, technical college projects, university building projects, parking decks, failure investigations, and materials consulting.
Specialties Geotechnical Engineering, Deep Foundations, Settlement of Structures, Deep Foundation Installation Inspection, Pavement Design, Construction Materials Testing and Inspection, Geotechnical Materials Testing Project Management.
Certifications/ Professional Affiliations
  • Professional Engineer – Georgia Registration No. 021308 – Issued July 1994
    • American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE)
    • Georgia Geo-Institute of ASCE – Current Chair
Education B.S. in Civil Engineering
Rafael Urdaneta University –
Maracaibo, Venezuela, 1985
Representative Relevant Past Projects Fitzgerald Creek WPCP 2 MGD Package Plant and Expansion to 6 MGD, Cherokee County, Georgia.

Provided geotechnical engineering services for both phases of the project.  The initial 2 MGD package plant included two clarifies and associates structures.  The 6 MGD phase included numerous structures such as SBRs, pump stations, blower building, flow control building, etc. Geo-Hydro is currently providing construction materials testing services for the 6 MGD expansion.



Rose Creek WPCP Expansion to 10 MGD.

Provided geotechnical engineering services for this large expansion project.  Improvements and modifications to the facility included a new pump station, sequencing batch reactors, flocculation basins, plate settlers, blower building, flow control building, sand filters, solids dewatering building, reaeration structure, and a chemical tank farm.

Waste Water Treatment Plant Modifications Dahlonega, Georgia.

Provided geotechnical engineering services for this project which included two new digesters, a flow equalization basin, a filter, two pump stations, an operations building, and a storage building.

Other Typical Project Experience Water-Wastewater
St. Mary’s Lift Station/Interceptor Sanitary Sewer
Cornish Creek Water Treatment Facility Expansion
Stephen D. Peurifoy Waste Water Treatment Plant Expansion
McCaysville WTP High-Rate Modifications


K-12 Education
New Austell Primary School
Strong Rock Christian School
Henry County, Georgia

Cartersville Main Street Phases II, III, and IV
Seven Hills Publix Shopping Center

Lockheed MartinF-22 Robotic Paint Facilities