Drilling into Education

Geo-Hydro was recently engaged by the Cobb County School District to perform a subsurface exploration and geotechnical engineering evaluation of the planned additions to McCleskey Middle School. During our initial field work we had the privilege of meeting with several McCleskey faculty and staff. But what makes this project special is how our day-to-day project work created a wonderful opportunity for everyone!

With all of our education facility projects our first priority is to ensure the minimum amount of disruption to the students and teachers. Our first stop was to meet with McCleskey's Principal, Ms. Claire Lyons, to discuss schedules and access to the school. During our discussions, Ms. Lyons suggested our work would be a great opportunity to provide 6th grade students the chance to see first hand the application of earth sciences. It was not long before one of our Senior Geotechnical Engineers and Associates, Brian Ingram, P.E., was meeting with a very excited 6th grade science teacher, Ms. Pamela Schmiedeberg.

With a bit of planning and guidance from Ms. Schmiedeberg, the classroom met the real world. For an entire day, over 200 6th grade students from Ms. Schmiedeberg's and Mr. Musick's science classes got to see first hand a drill rig in operation collecting soil samples. Students were given the opportunity to see and touch soil and rock samples from beneath their school. They were able to hold rock core samples of both metamorphic and sedimentary rocks from other sites in north Georgia. And best of all, they had the opportunity to ask Mr. Ingram questions and learn the real life application of earth sciences.

We are not sure who learned more, Mr. Ingram trying to teach energetic and inquisitive 6th graders or the students themselves. But we do know that everyone had a wonderful time and learned a little something in the process. A special thanks goes out to Ms. Lyons and Ms. Schmiedeberg for providing Geo-Hydro this opportunity.

Picture - Left to Right: Brian Ingram, Derrick Burgess, Luis Cuevas, Joshua White, Ian Feder, Nidhi Patel, Davon Blanchard, Kayla Laukka, Kya Swint, Khalil Wilson, Maria Flores, Taylor McCullough, Pamela Schmiedeberg