Go Team Hydro! Geo-Hydro's Second Leadership Program Cohort

Last year, Geo-Hydro instituted a leadership program open to all team members across our five offices. This internally-ran and -developed program promotes practical and sustainable leadership strategies to help the participants progress both personally and professionally. Chris Busch, Geo-Hydro’s Director of North Carolina Operations, spearheaded the program and led Team Geo through the inaugural session.

In January, Geo-Hydro began its second session of the leadership program. Chris Busch and Jessica Behmke, Geo-Hydro’s Lawrenceville Office Manager and an alumnus of Team Geo, led the eight team members of the new cohort dubbed “Team Hydro.” Team Hydro partook in three months of assessing personal values, exploring various readings, and participating in group exercises during a series of conference calls. The program concluded with a retreat in Charleston, South Carolina.

In the following post, Jenny Woody, Geo-Hydro’s Administrative Manager and Human Resources Director, discusses her experience participating in Geo-Hydro’s Leadership Program as a member of Team Hydro.

Over the last few months, I had the opportunity and the pleasure of participating in the second round of Geo-Hydro’s Leadership Program. My team was deemed Team Hydro. Including myself, Team Hydro consisted of eight Geo-Hydro team members across all offices, career stages, and departments.  While I’m not a part of the technical side of Geo-Hydro, I learned a lot from my peers regarding leadership styles and personalities. Our different skillsets did not matter. We all were eager to collaborate and learn from one another.

After weeks of prep work, reading, and group conference calls, Team Hydro gathered in Charleston for our leadership retreat. A significant part of the retreat included discussing the results of each team member’s Leadership Practices Inventory (LPI). The LPI took feedback from within our organization to examine our ability in specific areas of leadership.

As we dissected each person’s LPI, I gained a greater understanding of who my co-workers are and what makes them tick. It was a great opportunity to share our thoughts and opinions on a wide variety of work-related topics. The exchange of feedback was constructive and a great way to see things from a different perspective. Collaborating as a group, we helped each other further develop and improve our leadership strategies. The support among Team Hydro was evident and abundant. We all genuinely wanted to help one another progress both inside and outside the office.

For me, I think the most valuable take-away from this program is anyone can be a leader, but like anything in life, you must work at it. Additionally, you can’t grow as a leader completely on your own. It requires feedback, support, and cooperation.

I think this program is an outstanding example of Geo-Hydro leading the way and offering opportunities for all of us to grow professionally and personally. The leadership program provides a supportive space to examine your personal leadership strengths and weaknesses and to step outside of your comfort zone. I truly value this experience and look forward to seeing my coworkers partake in future sessions. Go Team Hydro!