Employee Spotlight: Andrew Bornemann

Geo-Hydro is proud to highlight one of our outstanding team members, Andrew Bornemann, P.E., as he approaches his six-month milestone with Geo-Hydro. Andrew is a Senior Materials Engineer in our Lawrenceville office, and he brings more than 15 years of experience to our construction materials testing team.

Andrew, a Florida native, earned his Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering at the University of Florida. He discovered his interest in construction materials testing during college when he took the Civil Engineering Materials class and subsequently taught the lab session for two years. He ultimately decided his passion best aligned with the geotechnical engineering and construction materials testing field.

Andrew’s expansive experience in construction materials testing spans from small residential and commercial projects to large manufacturing, warehouses, and industrial projects. One of his specialties includes materials testing for renovation and rehabilitation projects. Andrew’s experience with these projects, especially work on historic buildings, advanced his ability to tackle unique challenges and to provide creative solutions.

Andrew most enjoys the opportunity for creative problem-solving that the challenges of construction materials testing afford. He is passionate about developing solutions to address any issues or constraints a client’s project may face.

“I enjoy the people and the supportive team atmosphere at Geo-Hydro. Everyone values client service and takes pride in quality of work over quantity,” Andrew says. “It’s rare to find a company who places more value on its employees and their growth rather than treating them as just numbers on a timesheet.”

In addition to using his engineering experience to help clients, Andrew has also used his engineering experience to serve our country. Andrew serves in the Navy Reserves and was deployed to Afghanistan in 2013, where he provided engineering support to U.S. forces and government agencies as well as Afghan military and government units. Andrew continues to serve our Nation in the Navy Reserves as a Civil Engineering Corps officer.

Geo-Hydro would like to thank Andrew for his service and his exceptional character. We are proud to have him on our team.  


Andrew Bornemann